polychrome jasper love of life heart

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polychrome jasper love of life heart.

  • madagascan polychrome jasper heart
  • each crystal heart varies slightly in size, shape, color, + pattern.
  • approximately 1-1.25" x 1.325-1.5"
jasper helps restore balance, alignment and wholeness. it’s a grounding and stabilizing stone with a great connection to nature, earth, and humanity. its nurturing energy brings a feeling of comfort and safety. jasper reminds us of our connection to all living things and that we are here to bring joy and substance to each other. it assists in strength, courage, determination, and vitality. jasper also stimulates creativity and imagination, motivating one to turn ideas into action.
polychrome jasper (also called desert jasper) is a newer form of the stone found in madagascar, said to be the rarest. this stone helps one to see multiple ways to bring about desired experiences in life and make the changes necessary to become the person they want to be. it supports the relationships that bring one's best self forth. polychrome jasper revitalizes one's sense of awe and magic, enhancing ones ability to forge ahead on a their path with determination, passion, and exuberance. at the same time, it allows one to see the joy in the simple, everyday moments, bringing about gratitude, cheerful optimism, and peace.