polychrome jasper polished stone

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polychrome jasper polished stone.

  • madagascan polychrome jasper stone
  • choose from:
  • medium; (approximately 1.5″ x 1").
  • large (approximately 1.75" x 1.25″).
  • each stone will vary slightly is size, shape, color, + pattern.

polychrome jasper (also called desert jasper) is a newer form of the stone found in madagascar + is said to be the rarest. this stone helps one to see multiple ways to bring about desired experiences in life + make the changes necessary to become the person they want to be. it supports the relationships that bring one's best self forth. polychrome jasper revitalizes one's sense of awe + magic, enhancing ones ability to forge ahead on their path with determination, passion, + exuberance. at the same time, it allows one to see the joy in the simple, everyday moments, bringing about gratitude, cheerful optimism, + peace.

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