rainbow obsidian polished stone

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this rainbow obsidian polished stone reminds us that the only way out it through. but not to fear! rainbow obsidian is an ally during times of darkness, helping bring you through to the light and the rainbows of solace and joy.

  • rainbow obsidian stones approximately 1.5-2" x 1.25-1 3/8"
  • each black stone will vary in size, shape, and sheen (seen when held in sunlight)

rainbow obsidian. journey deep inward to the depths of the psyche to heal emotional trauma and wounds, reclaiming forgotten parts of oneself and finding the light and the rainbows through the darkness. as one dives into the depths for this healing, chakras are cleansed and aligned, bringing in light and energy. this assists in healing the deepest blocks, keeping them from residing in the physical body. depression can be alleviated as the soul connects closer to conscious awareness and the whole Self. a feeling of love and of home can be restored, bringing a willingness and enthusiasm to engage in life.