raku heart angel wings

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raku heart angel wings. this unique raku heart with angel wings, symbolizing freedom, guidance + protection, makes a beautiful decoration or a wonderful gift for a special journey. let the wings of freedom elevate you!

  • handmade with love by california artist, jeremy diller.
  • raku heart decoration; approximately 3" x 2.75"
  • due to the nature of the raku process, colors vary.
raku (meaning “joy” or “happiness”) is often associated with zen buddhism and/or the japanese tea ceremony. raku pottery gets its unique look from the unusual firing method where the raku pieces are removed from the kiln at their maximum temperature + placed in a pit of dried brush + mesquite shavings that burst into flames. each a magnificent glowing piece of art, no two raku pieces are the same.

raku pottery is light sensitive + will fade over time, so be sure not to place your raku pottery in direct sunlight.

sometimes cracking of the glaze occurs, or minor fissures appear on the surface of raku pottery. this is a normal reaction caused by the rapid change in temperature from a 2000 degree kiln to a 70 degree environment.