rutilated quartz crystal unicorn tears

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rutilated quartz crystal unicorn tears. in mythology, it is said that unicorn tears heal wounds, pain, + sorrow. beautiful creature, release the barriers that may be blocking the full love that you are...let go of all that made you forget. walk again with your heart wide open to feel the joy, compassion, freedom, + love.

live enchanted. nurture your pure heart.

  • size varies approximately 1.5"-1.625" length x .625"-.75" width.
  • due to the nature of crystals, each crystal will vary.

rutilated quartz is infused with rutile crystals that act as antennae to divine frequency. it can be programmed with one’s highest intentions + amplify + ground this energy. the golden threads connect one to the grace + flow of the universe, enhancing trust, intuition, serenity, + joy. it can also heal etheric wounds. rutilated quartz is a beautiful field of divine electricity buzzing through rutile wires, sparking inspiration to bring divine creativity to life!

the unicorn is a powerful creature of beauty said to bring blessings, freedom, healing, miracles, purity, + enchantment. in mythology, their horns neutralize poisons + their tears heal wounds and sorrows. according to legend, unicorns are a rare, mysterious, uncapturable creature that can be seen only by those who are virginal in the true metaphysical sense; meaning, the pure of heart + virtuous in deed. as a unicorn's horn symbolizes in pointing upward, they are believed to be of a higher realm; one of unity as opposed to duality. unicorns are a beast drawn to the feminine + the feminine quality of nurturing all of life. therefore, they are associated with the moon, growth, birth, rebirth, renewal, + fertility.

this information is gathered for your enjoyment! for more information on animal totems, crystals, + symbols; along with a link to our sources, click here!

crystals are for love and well-being and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our sources.