seraphinite palm stone

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like the voices of the highest seraphim angels, your seraphinite palm stone serenades you with harmonizing energies. let light energy sing through your body, bringing frequencies of health, vitality, + well-being.

  • seraphinite palm stone; approximately 1.5″-1.75“ x 1″-1.25″.

seraphinite is connected to angelic + devic realms, bringing an enlightened, joyful energy. it brings enhanced harmonizing energies to the chakras + the physical, mental, emotional, + etherial bodies. seraphinite is a beautiful tool for opening connection to the earth for the restoration of her + her inhabitants health + well-being. it is a stone of birth, development, creation, + the power of nature's constant renewal. seraphinite helps keep one on track in one's pursuits, enhances social skills + constructive compromise, + inspires better relationships.

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