shining star charm necklace

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let your shining star charm necklace remind you to illuminate the world with your light! shining star, always shoot for the moon. for a billion more stars beam brightly to guide you!

  • sterling silver star pendant; approximately 1/2" x 3/8" sterling silver star charm.
  • choose from 16" or 18" snake chain or 16" or 18" fancy ball chain (1mm sterling silver).

stars symbolize heavenly bodies, purity, good luck, connection to all, + a place for dreams and wishes to come true. they remind us of the mysteries of life + of the cosmos; + to trust in the guidance of divine light. at the same time, these beautiful night lights are actually held together by their own gravity, so they are also a symbol of self-reliance. we can look at the stars + know to connect to the divine light within that connects us with all + gives us guidance to dance in our sparkling existence.

this information is gathered for your enjoyment! for more information on animal totems, crystals, and symbols, along with a link to our sources, click here!