smoky quartz palm stone

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feel clear, connected, + uplifted with your smoky quartz palm stone. grounding, cleansing, + able to attract high vibrational inspiration, it's fantastic for promoting positive thoughts + actions!

your inspiration is high + overflowing with love. your focus is enhanced as it guides you to manifest your highest + best good.

  • smoky quartz stone; approximately 1.5"-2" x 1.25"-1.5".
  • each crystal varies.

oh how our mother earth takes care of us, neutralizing negative energies! a stone of the root chakra, smoky quartz is one of the most powerful grounding + clearing stones, capable of absorbing + transmuting copious amounts of negative energy by grounding it into mother earth, where she neutralizes it. it is one of the best stones for cleansing + clearing the aura + subtle bodies, + for countering any negative effects from outside interferences. smoky quartz dissolves fear, depression, anxiety, + stress, + is detoxifying on all levels. no wonder it is so uplifting! this beneficial stone also enhances skills such as organization, focus, + practicality for everyday functions + important work. for manifestation, it draws high vibrational, ethereal information + inspiration into physical reality. smoky quartz is a fantastic stone to promote positive thoughts + actions, helping you feel more connected + capable of manifesting your highest + best good!

crystals are for love and well-being and not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and a link to our sources.