smoky quartz uplift sphere

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let this smoky quartz uplift sphere cleanse your energy and revive your spirit! infuse it with positive thoughts and manifestations and let the magic unfold!

your inspiration is high and overflowing with love. your focus is enhanced as it guides you to manifest your highest and best good.

  • smoky quartz crystal sphere; choose from small (approx. 1.25") and medium (approx. 2.25").

oh how our mother earth takes care of us, neutralizing negative energies! a stone of the root chakra, smoky quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones, capable of absorbing and transmuting copious amounts of negative energy by grounding it into mother earth, where she neutralizes it. and not only is smoky quartz one of the best stones for cleansing and clearing the aura and subtle bodies, it is also wonderful for countering any negative effects of radiation and electromagnetic fields. smoky quartz dissolves fear, depression, anxiety, and stress, and is detoxifying on all levels. no wonder it is so uplifting! this beneficial stone also enhances skills such as organization, focus, and practicality for everyday functions and important work. a wonderful manifestation tool, it draws high vibrational, ethereal information and inspiration into physical reality. smoky quartz is a fantastic stone to promote positive thoughts and actions, helping you feel more connected and capable of manifesting your highest and best good!

a sphere symbolizes wholeness; unity; infinity. this can be associated with the wholeness or completeness of the universe and all within it, or a person’s “wholeness”. a complete self operates consciously with integrity, clarity, and unity; in their true power. having no corners, a sphere is infinite; without beginning or end. this allows energy to emanate in all directions. being the shape of the earth, spheres hold a strong connection to nature.

crystals are for love and healing. they are not to be used in lieu of medical treatment or professional counseling. click here for full disclaimer and link to our information sources.