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we will try to supply you with as much information and metaphysical properties as possible for healing, prosperity, peace, harmony, meditations, love and much more. a full page of information we have gathered is on our totems, crystals, + symbols page. healing, metaphysical, and magical properties of crystals, symbols, nature, and animal medicine are based on lore, personal knowledge-experiences-intuition, and a variety of references – ancient and contemporary, including: “the book of stones” by robert simmons and naisha ahsian, “the crystal bible” by judy hall,”moldavite: starborn stone of transformation” by robert simmons and kathy warner, “love is in the earth” by melody, “the subtle body” by cyndi dale, “animal speak” by ted andrews, “medicine cards” by jamie sams and david carson, “animal magick” by d.j. conway, “totems” by brad steiger, and “the once unknown familiar” by timothy roderick, “the ancient secret of the flower of life, volume 1” by drunvalo melchizedek, sage goddess, village rock shop, crystal vaults, the crystal councilspirit lodgewhat’s your signspirit animalanimal spiritsanimal totemsuniverse of symbolismshamanic journeyreligion facts and aum rudraksha. we try to credit all sources, however, some information is our own knowledge and research and some is shared with us by friends. if you see something here that is yours and you’re not getting credit for it please contact us at hello@saltandair.com and we will add you to this source page or remove it if requested. we want to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful information!

along with the energy and information of animal medicine and symbology, wonderful healing tools like crystals, beads, and stones can be used to bring out the connection and magic of you, the earth, and the cosmos. they are a powerful tool to bring forth aspects of your universal energy connection to enhance your life for the better. it is very important that your intentions are always for the highest and best good!

it is good to cleanse your crystals upon receiving them and every now and then after. this can be done by setting them out in sunlight or moonlight, soaking them in saltwater, smudging, or even running water over them, all with the intention of cleansing them of any energetic debris and sending that to the earth or to the light to be transmuted into unconditional love. be cautious putting certain crystals in direct sunlight, as some can fade if exposed to it for long periods of time. amethyst, rose quartz, celestite, and aventurine are some that can be affected. also be cautious not to start any small fires with long periods of amplification of the sun’s heat, for example, with crystal spheres. some crystals, such as selenite, lepidolite, calcite, opal, malachite, hematite, galena, and turquoise can dissolve, crack or rust by long term soaking in water or extreme temperatures. all methods of cleansing are wonderful, but if you are ever unsure of the care of your crystal, moonlight and smudging are the way to go.

  • please remember that crystals, stones, beads, symbols, lore, and other information on this site are for healing and should be used in the highest and best good as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care or counseling. please consult your healthcare specialist for your particular needs.
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