ganesha brass lock

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this unique ganesha brass lock with two keys will keep your magical secrets safe as you embark on the journey to reveal the enchanting truth within. it is adorned with ganesha on one side and the om on the other. ganesha brings wisdom, effortlessness, generosity, protection, and humility, while the om keeps you connected to the sound and essence of the universe and all of creation.

hold the keys to your journey close to your heart, as you are the only one who knows the way! all of your obstacles are gently removed as you create from the heart!

  • approximately 3” x 2”

  • brass lock and keys

ganesha is the god of success, knowledge, education, wealth, and the remover of evils and obstacles on the eternal spiritual path. he brings wisdom, effortlessness, generosity, protection, and humility. ganesha is a loyal generous companion for your journey, offering peace, protection, fearlessness, limitless abundance, and all of the gifts the universe loves to offer; allowing the path to your highest and best good…your greatest success.

this information is gathered for your enjoyment! for more information on animal totems, crystals, and other symbols, along with a link to sources, click here!