moldavite earrings

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these moldavite earrings set in sterling silver are absolutely gorgeous + potent in their power! with this stone known for accelerating one on the path of their highest destiny + evolution, these are beautiful earrings for those ready to move forward with spiritual vitality!

  • genuine moldavite stones + sterling silver
moldavite is a special stone of the highest + purest vibration believed to be assisting with the awakening of humanity, + is even associated with the holy grail (an "emerald that fell from the sky"). it is a transformational + activating stone, known to promote spiritual evolution, physical cleansing, spiritual breakthroughs, + manifest positive life change. it can also activate the dream state. this stone stimulates kundalini + deeply opens, cleanses, + activates all chakras, especially the heart + above. it is also said to bring harmony to marital relationships. moldavite is a combination of meteoric material + earth rock, associated with a meteoric collision. it resonates with the connection of earth + cosmos + our connection to both (+ all realms in between). it is a stone for accelerating one on the path of their highest destiny + evolution, vibrating to the tune of pure, perfect wholeness. love your journey

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