silver infinity knot ring

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the silver infinity knot ring is a design reminiscent of the infinity symbol + the celtic knot, two symbols of everlasting love with no beginning + no end.

this ring makes a wonderful gift for someone special with whom you feel infinite, everlasting love; or as a gift for yourSelf to remind you of your limitlessness!

  • sterling silver ring.
  • approximately 1.125" h.

the infinity is a symbol of something without any limits. it represents eternity, empowerment, + everlasting love.

the celtic knot is a symbol of eternity, infinity, everlasting love, loyalty, faith, + friendship.

silver is said to be the metal of the moon, silver brings reflective and balancing energy. it is believed to be the metal of emotion, love, and healing, and helps keep one in tune with the energetic flow of the universe.

this information is gathered for your enjoyment! for more information on symbols, animal totems, and crystals, along with our disclaimer and link to sources, click here!